Plaster Fun House can assist schools, kindergartens, play-groups, senior citizens, scout groups, or virtually any group or organisation with their fundraising activities, by providing creative and profitable opportunities.

Plaster Fun House caters for all your fundraising needs, providing plaster pieces, paints, brushes and other items as required, for you to manage plaster painting activities at your venue.

Plaster Fun House offers a variety of creative forms of entertainment for children. With hundreds of figurines to choose from, children of all ages can combine an artistic way of learning while all the time having fun.

You will be amazed at the masterpieces that can be created!

We are offering a range of themes that can be incorporated into your school or after school curriculum

Here's How it Works

1. Packs comprise a range of plaster pieces in themes that you can choose.
2. Artists are able to use their imagination when painting to create a wonderful work of art.
3. Choose the pack that's right for you!
4. Place your order for the theme you would like.
5. You just need to let us know when you would like your order and we will do the rest.

As each store does fundraising a little different please email your closest store for further details

Ballarat, Vic

Carina, Qld

Brahma Lodge, S.A

Brighton, S.A

Wayville, S.A

Waitara, N.S.W